Thursday, December 17, 2009

Educational video for gay couples about foreplay

...which is a bunch of weird, silent interactions that don't look sexual at all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The View parodies

Been watching The View in the exercise room lately...

1. Whoopi Goldberg, without prompting, suddenly talks about Starcraft and how much fun it is to play. Then she tells the audience that they will each receive a free copy at the end of the show. The audience doesn't care.

2. One episode had Paul McCartney as a guest who got the audience to sing one of his songs a long with him. It would be funny if the song he picked was so obscure that nobody knew it and couldn't sustain it when he stopped singing with them to play his kazoo.

3. Halfway through the commercials there's usually a cut to one of the hosts with someone from the audience who says their name, where they're from, and who the guest will be after the next half of comercials. It would be funny if, after saying this, the camera pulls out so you see that there is a second host on the other side of the woman. Both of the hosts then start aggressively tickling the person who then falls to the ground laughing, then tells them to stop, then says she's feeling sick, and then thows up. The whole scene lasts for a full minute. (Pete is credited with this idea).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

mocumentary - ghost hunter

1. portfolio: me running into dark rooms, screaming, and running out (the film maker comes along with me once and captures the same sort of thing)
2. "let me get my materials" (it's a baseball bat and a helmet)
3. talk about supernatural things like I'm the first person to have any info about them
4. I write poetry and songs about paranormal activity
5. terrible looking website
6. the film maker is a vampire and it ends with him taking the tape to a meeting of cloaked vampires in a dark room.
7. I have a friend who is an attractive girl who wants me but I've never considered dating her (we date at the end).
8. Parallel Universe hilarity (the only way I can get out is if I do "everything opposite" but I'm just doing weird stuff like hitting people with pillows.

freaky friday 2 (inanimate object)

cake penis (like big sausage pizza)

high school slime girl

saw meeting