Sunday, November 9, 2008

mocumentary - ghost hunter

1. portfolio: me running into dark rooms, screaming, and running out (the film maker comes along with me once and captures the same sort of thing)
2. "let me get my materials" (it's a baseball bat and a helmet)
3. talk about supernatural things like I'm the first person to have any info about them
4. I write poetry and songs about paranormal activity
5. terrible looking website
6. the film maker is a vampire and it ends with him taking the tape to a meeting of cloaked vampires in a dark room.
7. I have a friend who is an attractive girl who wants me but I've never considered dating her (we date at the end).
8. Parallel Universe hilarity (the only way I can get out is if I do "everything opposite" but I'm just doing weird stuff like hitting people with pillows.

freaky friday 2 (inanimate object)

cake penis (like big sausage pizza)

high school slime girl

saw meeting

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Advertisements for everything in our apartment

and the big selling point is you can fit your cat in whatever thing we're selling. Maybe a jingle will come in at the end, which is just what the main person said but in a song.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

crazy looking cloths - in the army
Flame-n-Sword / Mock-14 razor / branch - razor (so filthy)

Do you know anything different about me?!
Spice it up / tobasco always!
reverse sandwich shop (get out of my shop!)
Teeth everywhere!
Impounded horse!

Seeing eye horse!
Commercials are always correct!
3 way prank, with cats coming out of rubbish room, roommates throwing food away infront of homeless man, and homelessman sleeping in rommate's bed
Gorilla snuff films
Mayonnaise generating air conditioner!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poor man's nintendo wii

Like putting the opening of a half-full bottle of pop to your stomach and moving around without spilling it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mangled Cliches

1) Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Eat that fuckin' horse.

2) Too many chefs in the kitchen? You gotta buy them a knife set


Now heres a funny idea:

Dude and friends go to a house party a la can't hardley wait. In fact, instead of us having a party, lets just use clips from that movie. At some point, dude and friends go to the kitchen to cool off and get a drink. They're rummaging through cabinets to get a glass and find one of those fancy "unbreakable" glasses.

The guy says to his friends "Theres no way thats unbreakable!" then he takes the glass and throws it down at the ground to prove his point.

His point is made and the glass breaks. Sort of shocked and embarassed, he says to his friends "that one must have been defective...." and then, without even looking at the dishes he's manhandling, pulls out, in one motion, every remaining dish and cup in the cupboard. They all break.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food Sketches

The theme with these is someone is about to do something that they will regret doing and another person saying "no, wait!" just as they do it.
1. Person One sees a bowl of oranges, says "hey, apples!" and takes a bite of one.
2. Person 1: "hey, apple slices!" about to rub one over his eyeball
person 2: "wait, there's lemon juice on those!"

A different type of sketch:
1: Man, I would kill for some chocolate milk! Will your mom buy some?!
2: only if it's fortified with vitamin c.
1: no problem!
2. (opens fridge) but we need to be out of all the other stuff we have with vitamin c.
1: Whatever!
2. There's about 10 lemons in here.
1: okay.
(cut to them quietly drinking chocolate milk and grimacing)
1: Man, I would kill for some meth!