Friday, July 25, 2008


Now heres a funny idea:

Dude and friends go to a house party a la can't hardley wait. In fact, instead of us having a party, lets just use clips from that movie. At some point, dude and friends go to the kitchen to cool off and get a drink. They're rummaging through cabinets to get a glass and find one of those fancy "unbreakable" glasses.

The guy says to his friends "Theres no way thats unbreakable!" then he takes the glass and throws it down at the ground to prove his point.

His point is made and the glass breaks. Sort of shocked and embarassed, he says to his friends "that one must have been defective...." and then, without even looking at the dishes he's manhandling, pulls out, in one motion, every remaining dish and cup in the cupboard. They all break.


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