Sunday, November 9, 2008

mocumentary - ghost hunter

1. portfolio: me running into dark rooms, screaming, and running out (the film maker comes along with me once and captures the same sort of thing)
2. "let me get my materials" (it's a baseball bat and a helmet)
3. talk about supernatural things like I'm the first person to have any info about them
4. I write poetry and songs about paranormal activity
5. terrible looking website
6. the film maker is a vampire and it ends with him taking the tape to a meeting of cloaked vampires in a dark room.
7. I have a friend who is an attractive girl who wants me but I've never considered dating her (we date at the end).
8. Parallel Universe hilarity (the only way I can get out is if I do "everything opposite" but I'm just doing weird stuff like hitting people with pillows.

freaky friday 2 (inanimate object)

cake penis (like big sausage pizza)

high school slime girl

saw meeting